Studio Policy


Philosophy:  Children have the God-given potential to learn and play music if given the right tools, creative atmosphere, and regular encouragement.  I use the traditional approach to reading music, but also encourage ear playing and improvisation. Music opens the mind of the student to learning and self-discipline in any subject.  It brings a sense of accomplishment and boosts self-confidence. It also helps them develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.  My goal is to help each child listen to and express himself/herself through music and play in different settings.  To this end I encourage them to play solos, duets and accompany at school or church.  Loving, consistent parental involvement is also a key factor in the child’s success.  Parents of first year students are required to attend lessons (unless work conflict exists). I also believe that music is a gift that God gives us to use in worshiping  Him and to that end would help students prepare music for church and other worship settings. 

Lesson Format:

30-minute lessons

45-minute lessons


Tuition: A one-time registration fee of $30 for paperwork and use of music library (includes CDs and music books).  Students enrolling must agree to commit for a minimum one semester period (fall/ spring semester).  Fall semester runs from August through December.  Spring semester runs from January through May. I have limited teaching slots and commit to being available to teach your child.  Should you decide to discontinue lessons at the end of a semester, please give me one month advance notice.  New:  The fee for a 30-minute lesson is $18.  A 45-minute lesson is $27.  Advanced level students tuition will be $20 for 30-minute lesson and $30 for 45 minutes .You’ll be billed monthly and receive the invoices in your email.   Please pay tuition by the first lesson of each month and make checks payable to Twinkle Ratnasamy.  I also accept checks through Billpay (your bank online payment setup). Monthly tuition for the school year will be divided equally..e.g. 36 weeks lessons/ 9 months.  


Festival/ Federation/ Other Fees: For the Fall 2019-20 session, I will be collecting Festival/ Federation fees by the first fall lesson. I will hold the check until November 1st and will return to you  If you become aware of family conflicts for that date(s). Please pay this separately from tuition.


Music, Theory, Technique, Other Books:  I will be ordering your child’s method books  online or through different  vendors; this includes lesson, technique, and theory.  I will also purchase any supplemental music including music for Ribbon Festival or Federation. I will notify you of the materials that I will be ordering.  ALL students must have their own original music for public performances.


Other Materials Needed:  

  • Well-tuned piano or quality digital instrument (e.g. Yamaha Clavinova)

  • A 3-ring binder and paper.  All assignments and studio notices will be kept there.  Please help your child read and follow through with assignments in the binder.

  • Metronome


Piano Tuners:  Gary Lora 419-423-3196        Bill Balmer 419-424-0023


Practice Tips:  Regular practice is required for  student progress. Quality time is more valuable than quantity.  Please review technique, repertoire, and theory assignments. A student who is at a beginner or elementary level should aim for 30 minutes/ day  5 days a week. Intermediate level students should aim for 45 minutes daily/ 5 days a week. Advanced level students require 1 hour minimum. If longer sessions are difficult, strive to do 2 or 3 shorter sessions.

Recitals/ Performances:  All students are required to perform in recitals and group lessons.  These are great opportunities to grow musically and get comfortable playing in front of others.  As a member of the Ohio Federation of Music Club, I would like give each child the opportunity to play in front of two qualified judges and receive helpful critiques to develop their skills.   The Federation Festival will be held at Heidelberg University on March 7, 2020.  Please see the website for further details.  The Ohio Music Teachers Association Ribbon Festival is to be held on Saturday, March 14, 2020 and allows students all over the city to perform for each other and the public.  Students (except for 1st year) must play in either the Ribbon Festival OR Federation as part of the learning experience.


Missed Lessons:   If Findlay City Schools have No School/ Delays due to inclement weather I will still teach that day (unless there is a Level 3 or higher warning).  NO CLASS FOR LEVEL 3 or higher weather alert.   If you are physically unable to bring your child under Level 1 or 2 alert, please call and cancel ahead of time.   Lessons will be made up and rescheduled during weeks of snow or other emergencies or I will refund the tuition. If you know of absences in advance, please try to switch with another student and let me know of the change as well.  Please see the student swap list with the teaching schedule/ parent contact info and I will try to reschedule any missed lessons on my part or credit it the following month. Please note :  I will makeup/credit up to 2 cancelled lessons/semester and use the group lesson weeks as makeup weeks (please see condition for makeup).  You can use this toward sickness/vacation/other conflict. I will guarantee makeup lessons only when 24 hour notice is given to me. No makeups will be given for group lessons.   Missed lessons ( if you do not call ahead of time) will not be made up.


Tentative Schedule: Lessons will start August 19, 2019 and run through Thursday, May 21, 2020. Summer lessons are also offered as requested.  


August 19, 2019        Classes start

September 2                  NO CLASSES

September 28                Coffee Amici Event

Sept. 23- Oct. 6             Tentatively    NO CLASSES ^^

Nov. 25-26                Group lessons (Mon, Tues)

Nov. 27-29             Thanksgiving Break (NO CLASSES Wed- Fri)

December 6                   Christmas Piano Party for Students Only, Friday  4- 5:30 PM

                                       (My Home Studio)


Dec. 23- Jan. 5, 2020      Christmas Break (NO CLASSES)

Jan 6                                Classes Resume (Monday)

February 4,6             Group lessons (Tues, Thurs)*

March 7             Federation Festival at Heidelberg College (Tiffin, OH)

March     14                     OMTA Ribbon Festival

April 13-17            NO CLASSES (Spring Break)

April   3                           Studio     Spring Rehearsal 4-6 PM Findlay E. Free Church (2515 Heatherwood Drive, Findlay)

April 4              Spring Recital, 2 PM Findlay E. Free Church

May 5, 7            Group lessons (Tues, Thurs)*

May 21             Last day of classes


*During Group lesson weeks I will teach  a 1- hour group lesson in place of the student’s regular private lesson.  Your child will be assigned a group according to age/level.  I will do my best to put each child in the appropriate group.  Each group lesson will incorporate playing in front of the other students, theory, ear training, and music history.  You will be receiving a separate group lesson week schedule in September with details on dates and times. I will also use this group lesson week for makeup lessons as needed.  


^^ Tentatively, I will be taking these 2 weeks off to help my daughter with her first baby.

A Final Note: Your child is important to me.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding their progress, please contact me at home or leave a message on the e-mail.  I will also send home a student evaluation at the end of the year with my comments and tips.